Xuan Paper Trip: Monk in Jing County



It is said that the monk moved here from the other big temple which is located on the foot of the hill. Monk has lived here for over 16 years. The temple is located in the bamboo woods up in the hill. Normally people do not go to worship in this temple, therefore, the temple looks a bit too quiet.

Because the village needs someone to take care of the bamboos and the hill, the bamboos and the hill are given to the monk so that the monk can take care of this place. The monk takes care of the hill, bamboos, and the temple. He makes a living by selling bamboo shoots and Chinese medicines. Monk told us that sometime he prescribes Chinese medicines to villagers.

The temple has 4 or five dogs, one bird, several chickens, and a bee hive. Xiao Zhu said that these dogs are abandoned by local people because the dogs are either disabled or sick and no one wants them. So, the monk is taking care of these dogs.

Monk is especially interested in Jon and he invited Jon to drink some water in the kitchen next to the god hall. He even gave Jon a big bag of homemade tea. Proudly, the monk told Jon that the tea is from the hill. He picked up these tea leaves and made them into tea. There is no chemical spray. Monk got a bag and prepared a full bag of tea for Jon.



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